About Us

Vancouver Vaper Zone, Inc. also known as the "Vaperzone", is a family owned business founded in July 2014.

We offer products for all your vaping needs - from magnets, screws, volt testers, allen keys, ohm meters, coils, box mods, starter kits, etc.

What is vaping for without excellent choices of best tasting e-juice? We carry a wide array of e-juice to choose from. In fact, Vaper Zone has its own line of e-juice under COUNTER SMOKE (CS)VAPES that has penetrated the vaping world with unexpected popularity and demand in Canada. For multitudes of other awesome e-juice, please see our website.

We never cease to improve the quality of our products, and any customer reviews, good or bad - is a tool for us to improve what we offer, so we thank all those who give us their feedback. Our customers always comes first because we know deep in our hearts that they are the only reason for our existence in the business industry. All of us at Vaperzone would like to extend our outmost gratitude to all of you who embraces our products and services. We value each one of you with such respect and high regards and we hope that when you come to our door, you will leave our shop with pure satisfaction.


The "Vaper Zone" Team